Aceite Loxa Envero AOVE Hojiblanca Flacone 50 cl

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Partridge pate has the characteristic flavour of game pâtés, with a smooth texture, unctuous and excellent on the palate. It is handmade from free-range partridge.


Partridge liver, partridge fumé, onion, ham fat, extra virgin olive oil, mushroom, sherry wine (sulphites), caseinate, salt, dehydrated egg, vegetable fibre, spices, wheat flour (gluten), soya protein, sugar and preservatives.

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The colour process of the olive indicates the point of ripening. From green to purple, the beginning of ripening, and in this state it produces an extra virgin olive oil, predominantly of the Hojiblanca variety, with a profound personality, with medium fruity tones, reminiscent of its recent state as a young green olive, but enriched with subtle spicy and bitter nuances, which give it a perfect balance of aroma and flavour. All the greatness and excellence of traditional extra virgin olive oil; the olive oil of a lifetime.

Availability: 100 In Stock

Las Aceitunas Gordales rellenas de nuestras Piparras de Ibarra, fusionan la suavidad de la carnosa aceituna con el refrescante sabor de nuestra piparra. Es un aperitivo diferente y sabroso, ya que une la tradición de dos sabores en un snack único.

Envasado a mano.

Ingredientes: Aceituna Gordal sin hueso 70% mín., guindlila de Ibarra 25% mín., vinagre de vino, agua, sal y conservador E-223 (sulfitos)

Una vez abierto, consérvese en frío (4-6ºC) y consumir en 14 días.

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